Open KnessetΒΆ

Open Knesset is a Public Knowledge Workshop project similar to Open Congress (US) and Open Parliament (UK). The project datamines all Knesset activity from the official Knesset website to allow tracking of voting, legislation and committee activities.


My Contributions

Following are some of my more significant contributions to Open Knesset:

  • Knesset Member Videos
    For this project I wanted to add some video to the Open Knesset website. The project consisted of two parts - scraping the data and displaying the data on the website. The scraping part includes using the YouTube API to search for relevant videos and storing the results in the Open Knesset database. The display part included modifying the html/css using bootstrap to display the relevant data. Also, I added a basic moderation interface which allows editor to remove irrelevant videos.
  • Plenum protocol
    The plenum meeting is the main assembly of the knesset. The complete textual protocol for all plenum meetings is available on the knesset website but in RTF format. For this project I developed a scraping process which parses the plenum protocols RTF files, detects the speakers and normalizes the data in our database. Then, the data is displayed on the Open Knesset website in an easy to read format with added value.
  • Committee / Plenum protocol infinite scroll
    Implemented infinite/continuous scroll mechanism for the plenum and committee protocols. This was mostly a front-end project in JS with Bootstrap.